Turkey Sends More Troops to Syria Ahead of Key Putin Meeting

Source:Bloomberg Date:22Sep2021

Turkey has sent more troops to northwestern Syria as it prepares for a critical meeting with the leaders of Russia and Iran next week, signaling its determination to carry on blocking an assault

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Tensions between Turkey and Russia rise in Idlib following failed talks

Source:Middle East Eye Date:26Sep2020

No one would say it out loud in Ankara, but those closely following the Syria dossier in the Turkish security establishment know that Russia provoked the latest round of clashes in Idlib in

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Analysts see makings of another Russia-Turkey flare-up in Syria


Alexey Khlebnikov, a Middle East expert and Russian foreign policy analyst at the Russian International Affairs Council, said attacks on patrols in Idlib could give Russia a “legitimate reason”

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A new Gaza: Turkey’s border policy in northern Syria

Source:European Council on Foreign Relations Date:29May2020

The title doesn’t do justice to this comprehensive account of Turkey’s involvement in Syria, and its real and imaginery reasons. Turkey now controls a long stretch of Syrian territory

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After a decade of civil war, Syria now faces threat of coronavirus

Source:Sabah Daily Date:25Mar2020

The Syrian regime announced Sunday its first case after unconfirmed reports suggested the virus had been detected but covered up, a charge officials have denied, while rolling out tight measures

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Time is up in Idlib: Turkey launches operation spring shield

Source:EDAM Date:03Mar2020

This assessment by prestigious think-tank EDAM provides good insight into Turkish military strategy in Idlib.   Turkey’s counter-offensive has two dimensions. First, it is a punitive

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Europe could soon feel the fallout from Idlib

Source:Financial Times Date:12Feb2020

Russia cannot deliver on its claim to repatriate Syrian refugees. The Assads will not allow the recreation of a demographic balance — a prewar population with a roughly 70 per cent Sunni majority

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Erdogan Keen to Spare Russia Ties as Turkey Hits Syrian Forces

Source:Bloomberg Date:03Feb2020

True, but how?   The fighting in Idlib is testing the marriage of convenience between Turkey and Russia in Syria, where the two powers have carved up spheres of influence. Still, both sides

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Battle for Idlib: Syrian government assault leaves Turkey facing tough choices

Source:Middle East Eye Date:28Jan2020

The advance means that two of the 13 Turkish observation posts established in that buffer zone are now encircled by Syrian government forces, including the one in Sarman since August. Advancing

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From Russia with love: Turkish and Syrian spymasters meet in Moscow

Source:al Monitor Date:19Jan2020

According to information obtained by Al-Monitor, the Syrian side urged Ankara to outline a timetable for the withdrawal of Turkish troops from Syria — first from the de-escalation outposts in

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