Amberin Zaman: Kurds suffer as Iraq, Turkey fail to restart oil flow ahead of Turkish FM’s Baghdad visit

Source:al Monitor Date:23Aug2023

It is widely acknowledged that the real reason for Turkey’s reluctance to reopen the line is Baghdad’s refusal to waive the $1.5 billion fine from the ICC and to drop a second arbitration case

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Western world turns blind eye to Turkey’s attacks: Scholar

Source:Media news Date:04Jun2022

Having remained silent over Turkey’s attacks on Syrian and Iraqi Kurds, NATO and the US government are complicit in Ankara’s aggression, said Dr Cihan Tugal, a professor of sociology

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The Iraq Report: Turkey threatens to invade Iraq

Source:The New Arab Date:31Mar2018

This report explains Turkey-Baghdat relations,  PKK’s recent moves, Iraiq Kurds and the War on ISIS.  Very good background and analysis:   Although Turkish-Iraqi relations have

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Iraqi Kurdistan, R.I.P.

Source:The Gulf Today Date:01Jan2018

The Iraqi government has cracked down and the Kurdish region is no longer semi-autonomous, autonomous or nearly independent. The bid for freedom has, for now at least, been crushed without

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Iraq paramilitaries battle Kurds in push towards Turkish border oil hub

Source:CNBC Date:24Oct2017

Fighting between Kurdish peshmerga an  Shia paramilitaries move closer to Turkish border, the oil pipeline and Turkey’s outpost against PKK, Camp Bashika. For Turkey the Kirkuk  crisis is

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Iraq war: Why the battle for Tal Afar matters

Source:BBC news Date:26Aug2017

This is an important analysis which sheds light on the explosion of violence that is likely to take place once ISIS is pushed out of Iraq.  The vacuum needs to be filled, but by whom and how?

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Iraqi and foreign reactions to Kurdish referendum plan

Source:Rudaw Date:10Jun2017

From Turkey’s perspective, the declaration by Iraqi Kurds to hold an independence referendum is yet another “Houston, we have a problem” moment.

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