Islamic State escalates violence across Baghdad Belt

Source:al Monitor Date:22Jan2022

Beware:  ISIS is poised to strike back   Islamic State militants killed 11 Iraqi soldiers in a Jan. 21 attack on a military base in Diyala, north of Baghdad, Kittleson reports from Iraq.

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Coronavirus in Syria: Bashar al-Assad warns of catastrophe if cases jump

Source:Irish Times Date:06May2020

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has warned that the war-ravaged country could face catastrophe if coronavirus cases exceed the capabilities of the debilitated healthcare system. Arguing

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Surge of IS Violence Seen in Syria

Source:Voice of America Date:03Jan2020

Turkey will remain in Syria for many years to come an ISIS is one of the many enemies it has to defeat     Islamic State militants have increased their terror activity in recent weeks

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Isil leaders with ‘vast amounts of cash’ planning comeback in Turkey, Iraq spy chief claims

Source:Yahoo News Date:19Nov2019

ISIS has long planned to expand its so-called khalifate to Turkey.  Circumstances may have forced it to accelerate its migration:   Senior Islamic State members with access to “huge” amounts

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The Observer view on Syria: a new horror foretold which shames us all

Source:The Observer Date:13Oct2019

An old horror rears its ugly head:   The fate of detained Isis fighters, totalling about 10,000 across northern Syria and Iraq, is an issue to which Erdoğan, too, has plainly not given

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Why Turkey and America Cannot Compromise in Syria

Source:Foreign Policy Research Institute Date:03May2019

After three days of talks in Turkey, representatives from Washington and Ankara failed to reach agreement on the terms of a proposed safe zone in northeastern Syria. The two sides, treaty allies

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Is Trump Really Pulling U.S. Troops Out of Syria?

Source:Haaretz Date:10Feb2019

Trump’s foreign policy has had one consistent theme in the last two years – unpredictability. Whether it has been closed-door meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin, a unilateral

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Syria war: ‘IS suicide bomber’ kills US troops in Manbij

Source:BBC News Date:17Jan2019

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who has previously criticised Mr Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria, said on Wednesday that the move could encourage IS attacks and “set

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Turkey-US talks intensify to shape Syria withdrawal

Source:Hurriyet Daily News Date:13Jan2019

In an interview with a local radio, Bolton said he delivered a non-paper to the Turkish team last week that outlines basic points of the U.S. policy with regard to its withdrawal and expectations

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Turkish army brass at odds over military operation in Syria

Source:al Monitor Date:05Jan2019

Deniz Zeyrek, a columnist for Sozcu and a seasoned defense and diplomacy writer, summarized their objections in three points: The threat Turkey now faces is different from what we encountered in

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