Kurdistan referendum leaves Iraq’s Turkmens in quandary

Source:al Monitor Date:19Sep2017

This article addresses an important question. What will be the fate of Turkmenis, Turkey’s primary allies and ethnic kin in Iraq, if Kurds secede?

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The Kurdish referendum threatens to explode the region’s struggle over nationalism

Source:Middle East Eye Date:08Sep2017

A wise and in-depth analysis of the consequences of the Kurdish independence referendum. It will trigger repercussions in the entire troubled geography, but  the bigger problem is the unsettled

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Ignoring Tillerson’s Call For Postponement, Iraqi Kurds Vow To Hold Independence Referendum On Sept. 25

Source:Western Journalism Date:15Aug2017

Iraq seems to be heading toward a serious conflict over the Kurdish plan to hold a referendum on the establishment of an independent Kurdish state in the north of the country. Trouble could also

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Turkey’s Syria problem escalates

Source:TRT World Date:18Jul2017

Syrian opposition group Free Syrian Army (FSA) launched an offensive against Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), also fighting against the regime and Daesh, on Monday in northern Syria as violence

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