EU leaders prepare for Turkey showdown

Source:Financial Times Date:16Oct2017

Turkey risks losing more than €1bn in aid linked to its bid to join the EU, as member states prepare for a showdown over their deteriorating relationship with Ankara. A summit of the union’s

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Angela Merkel backs end to EU-Turkey membership talks

Source:cbcnews Date:04Sep2017

This is truly a bombshell. I don’t know if she could find the votes, but the attempt could cause some damage to markets, bank loans and  FDI.

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Chancellor Angela Merkel weighs tougher approach to Turkey after arrests

Source:Deutsche Welle Date:02Sep2017

For those who claim Turko-German relations would  improve after the German elections. They will get worse.

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Erdogan takes Turkey-Germany feud to next level

Source:al Monitor Date:24Aug2017

Turkish-German ties continue their downward spiral. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan remains on the warpath against Berlin, despite concerns within his Justice and Development Party, especially

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EU raises human rights in talks with Turkey’s Erdogan

Source:Reuter's Date:25May2017

Erdogan returns empty handed from Brussels, as he did from DC.  In addition to Tusk and Junckers, Merkel and Macron scheduled last-minute  meetings with him, but only to complain.  It is good

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