Should “Islam” matter in US foreign policy?

Source:Brookings blog Date:15Mar2023

To the extent that Arab societies democratized, voters would have more to disagree about when it came to Islam’s place in politics and its relationship to the state. Under the limited electoral

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Erdoğan’s Turkey: Unwanted in Arab Lands

Source:Gatestone Institute Date:23Jul2018

“We remain most curious,” an Arab defense attaché told this author one evening, “how an intelligent man like [Turkish President Recep Tayyip] Erdoğan stubbornly fails to

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Erdogan’s Election Victory: Implications for Turkey and the Middle East

Source:The Globe Post Date:14Jul2018

Erdogan’s sound victory with new powers has deep domestic and foreign implications. To retain domestic order, Erdogan will try to get involved in external matters whether that of Syria,

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Jordan, Palestine and Saudi Arabia warn Israel against Turkey

Source:al Jazeera Date:30Jun2018

The report notes that senior officials from the three Arab countries told Israel that Turkey was “extending its influence in Arab neighbourhoods of Jerusalem” which they said was

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Turkey Wants to Crush U.S. Allies in Syria. That Shouldn’t Surprise Anybody.

Source:Foreign Policy Date:24Jan2018

A very balanced article on how mixed signals  from the White House  compelled Turkey to take military action in Syria.  Also shows the way forward.   Alos read the Guardian article  of how

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Egypt says Turkey involved in plot to overthrow country

Source:ENCA Date:24Nov2017

Is there any country with which Turkey is not quarreling?:  Egyptian intelligence accuses Turkish intelligence of involvement in a plot, together with members of the international Muslim

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The West regresses, the East rises, Turkey strengthens, the fight intensifies

Source:Yeni Safak Date:23Jul2017

For Westerners it is very important to understand the mind-set which feeds the decision making process in the AKP government. The article by editor-in-chief of conservative daily Yeni Safak (New

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Gulf crisis: Can Turkey save Qatar?

Source:Middle East Eye Date:05Jun2017

Turkey’s attempt to become a Middle Eastern power and replenish its waning economic strength by drawing in Arab investment was dealt another blow as several Arab countries led by Saudi Arabia

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Beyond the Trump-Erdoğan Meeting: The Rise of Eurasianists and Turkey’s Syria Policy

Source:Arab Center Date:27May2017

A powerful analysis of changing Turkish bureacracy: Although most critics focus on Erdoğan’s authoritarianism as a threat to Turkey’s future in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the

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