Turkey, Qatar risk losing regional geopolitical influence

Source:The Daily Star Date:25May2019

Turkey and Qatar risk losing geopolitical influence due to turmoil in Libya and Sudan, as regional rivals Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates extend their own reach. Doha, a long-time ally

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New flash points in US-Turkey struggle

Source:Anatolian Agency Date:01May2019

Turkey’s AK Party: U.S. move against Muslim Brotherhood would damage democracy in Middle East The spokesman for Turkey’s ruling AK Party said on Tuesday that if the United States designated

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Turkey’s Foreign Policy Priorities are Shifting

Source:https://nationalinterest.org/feature/turkeys-foreign-policy-priorities-are-shifting-43832 Date:08Feb2019

For these reasons, in many Arab countries, including Morocco, Muslim Brotherhood intellectuals consider Turkey the a priori favorable. This is a weapon that Erdogan will not let go, despite

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Report to Congress on U.S.-Turkey Relations

Source:USNI Service Date:21Sep2018

Great background material about Turko-American relationship and Turkish foreign policy objectives at large.

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Turkey plays catch-up with militarization in Red Sea

Source:al Monitor Date:24Jan2018

Turkey’s Suakin Island venture:  Turkey and Qatar are linked by their support of the Muslim Brotherhood, while countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE are staunchly opposed to the

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Egypt says Turkey involved in plot to overthrow country

Source:ENCA Date:24Nov2017

Is there any country with which Turkey is not quarreling?:  Egyptian intelligence accuses Turkish intelligence of involvement in a plot, together with members of the international Muslim

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Can political Islam make it in the modern world?

Source:The Economist Date:30Aug2017

A comprehensive  investigation by the Economist on the nature of  political Islam in the Moslem world.  It is lacking in one fundamental respect.  Political Islam never delivered  economic

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Race to the sea: Qatar and the balance of power in the Middle East

Source:Open Democracy Date:02Aug2017

How will the Qatari Crisis end? What are regional ramifications?  The likely winners are Iran and Russia.

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The Muslim Brotherhood Is the Root of the Qatar Crisis

Source:The Atlantic Date:02Jul2017

The Qatari Crisis now officially involves Turkey, as one of the demands   of the opposing Quartet is the withdrawal of Turkish troops. The deadline is Monday. What will Qatar do?

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