US Should Brace for More Pushback From Erdogan

Source:Bloomberg Date:19Jun2022

Turkey’s allies and rivals, along with Turks themselves, might want to buckle up for 12 months of turbulence. The US and Europe should brace themselves for even more mudslinging and contrariness

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The High Cost of An Unpredictable Turkey

Source:Carnegie International Date:18Oct2021

A masterful analysis of Turkey’s politcial-diplomatic challenges aide from the debate about which side will win next elections. I may not agree with Marc Pierini on several of his points,

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Turkey and Black Sea Security: Ten Years After the War in Georgia

Source:Atllantic Council Date:09Aug2018

Turkey’s double act between Russia and NATO is warign thin.  Note the line:  Turkey, however, is at best a fellow traveler rather than an ally of Russia.     Erdogan has turned

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How Russia Plans to Get Turkey on Its Side

Source:The National Interest Date:09Aug2018

While these state-to-state deals are certainly significant, they tend to overshadow a quieter, but equally important Russian campaign to “flip” Turkey’s influential business community. Akkuyu

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Turkey Stalls NATO, Clings to Defunct Status Quo in the Black Sea

Source:Jamestown Foundation Date:03Aug2018

Russia is rapidly accumulating superior power in the Black Sea, and posturing offensively in and around the region. Nevertheless, whenever the matter comes up for debate within the North Atlantic

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What Turkey’s Political Changes Mean for U.S.-Turkish Relations

Source:Center for American Progress Date:01Aug2018

Some startling conclusions:  Still, such a change in perspective—from viewing Turkey as a democratic ally to viewing it as an authoritarian state important to U.S. foreign policy—inevitably will

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Senate Bill To Ban F-35 Sales To Turkey An Unprecedented Attempt To Check Erdogan’s Actions

Source:The Drive Date:27Apr2018

This attempt is nothing to be laughed at:  It will be interesting to see how the Trump administration, which has retained relatively close ties with Erdogan since coming into office, and Turkey

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Conspiracy or Not, Turkey’s Ties to West Are at Risk

Source:Bloomberg Date:05Dec2017

According to an October survey by Istanbul Economics, a consultancy, more than two thirds of Turks think the alliance with the U.S. and Europe is already breaking, that Turkey could manage its

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Turkey: Managing Tensions and Options to Engage

Source:Atlantic Council Date:03Nov2017

The trajectory of the relationship suggests a need for the United States to get acquainted with “transactionalism,” wherein the majority of the bilateral talks are simply aimed at managing a

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Cardin: Turkey’s Purchase of Russian missile system may trigger sanctions

Source:Politico Date:15Sep2017

Turkey’s recent purchase of an advanced Russian anti-air weapons system may have violated a U.S. law that would require an automatic imposition of sanctions on the NATO member, a top Democratic

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