Turkey: Bomb blast in Syria’s north kills many civilians

Source:TRT World Date:26Jul2020

At least five killed and 12 others wounded in IED blast carried by PKK/YPG terrorists in Ras al Ayn town near Turkey’s border, Turkish Defence Ministry says.

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A new Gaza: Turkey’s border policy in northern Syria

Source:European Council on Foreign Relations Date:29May2020

The title doesn’t do justice to this comprehensive account of Turkey’s involvement in Syria, and its real and imaginery reasons. Turkey now controls a long stretch of Syrian territory

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What stops return of Syrians in Turkey to area held by Turkish forces?

Source:al Monitor Date:31Jan2020

No comment needed   Hamdo said fewer than expected are returning “because many are committed to schools and jobs in Turkey. The next few months are likely to witness more refugees

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Powerful Senate chairman moves toward sanctions crackdown on Turkey as talks over weapons purchase falter

Source:CNN Date:07Dec2019

Before the week was out, however — and after Risch had briefed a group of reporters about the meeting and his decision — it had become clear that Erdoğan would not change course. On

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Erdogan may seek EU money even as he trades insults with Macron

Source:Stars and Stripes Date:30Nov2019

Led by Germany, the EU has committed to provide $6 billion to help with Turkey’s Syrian refugee burden since 2016. In return, Erdogan has stemmed the flow of asylum seekers into the EU.

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Syria incursion delivers limited boost to Turkey’s Erdogan

Source:Financial Times Date:18Nov2019

The military incursion into Kurdish-held areas of Syria tested that alliance. The CHP was one of several opposition parties to support the operation, while the HDP vehemently opposed it and has

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Syrian troops begin deploying along border with Turkey

Source:AFP-Yahoo Date:15Nov2019

Syrian government forces started deploying Thursday in areas close to the Turkish border in the country’s northeast as part of an agreement reached between Russia and Turkey, state media

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Is Turkey-Qatar alliance in danger?

Source:Ahval News Date:05Nov2019

When the Turkish lira tumbled in August 2018, Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani promised $15 billion in Qatari investment for Turkey. “Today, that seemingly unshakable alliance is now under

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Turkey ratchets up crackdown at home as tanks roll into Syria

Source:Amnesty International Date:02Nov2019

Critical discussion on issues of Kurdish rights and politics has become even further off limits with hundreds of people detained merely for commenting or reporting on the offensive. They are

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Turkey wants Syrian forces to leave border areas, aide says

Source:Yahoo News Date:22Oct2019

By far the best and simplest article on what Turkey watns in North East Syria, what Kurds are willing to give and where Assad stands   Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants Syrian

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