Solution to Kavala case lies in the hands of Turkey’s judges, say PACE monitors

Source:Council of Europe Date:23May2022

“As a result of our fruitful meetings in the last few days, we have heard the legal arguments on both sides. However, it seems clear to us that evidence deemed insufficient by the Strasbourg

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US Dep’t of State: Turkey’s Conviction of Osman Kavala

Source:US State Department Date:27Apr2022

The United States is deeply troubled and disappointed by the court’s decision to convict Osman Kavala today.  His unjust conviction is inconsistent with respect for human rights, fundamental

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Erdogan’s wrath is damaging Turkey

Source:Financial Times Date:27Oct2021

Sure, this diplomatic ceasefire has momentarily halted the collapse of Turkey’s currency. But the lira was already heading speedily south before this sound and fury accelerated it; and Erdogan

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Turkey’s Osman Kavala case: A break with Europe?

Source:Euronews Date:23Oct2021

Turkish philanthropist and activist Osman Kavala has never been convicted of a crime — yet he has been in prison for almost four years in Turkey, despite  the ruling of a top European court. On

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Turkey: prolongation of detention of Osman Kavala displays contempt for human rights and the rule of law

Source:Council of Europe Date:02Sep2021

Yesterday’s decision of the Istanbul 13th Assize Court to prolong the detention of Mr Osman Kavala perpetuates the violation of both his human rights and of Turkey’s obligation to abide by a

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The Gezi Trial Stunt and Turkey’s Increasing Isolation

Source:Carnegie Europe Date:21Feb2020

From an EU standpoint, the rule of law in Turkey is still being dismantled day after day. The issue for European leaders is how to factor this democratic decline in their overall relationship

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Turkish Gezi park activists acquitted of terror charges in surprise ruling

Source:The Guardian Date:18Feb2020

A tremendous victory for judicial independence and civil righst in Turkey. But, wait before uncorking the champaigne. The defendants might be re-arrested.   POST NOTE:  Kavala was

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At tense Ankara news conference, EU rebukes Turkey over detentions

Source:Reuters Date:23Nov2018

Better relations with EU trip over human rights: The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled on Tuesday that Turkey should swiftly process the legal case of Demirtas, former head of the

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EU calls on Turkey to release 13 people arrested for links to Gezi Park protests

Source:Deutsche Welle Date:17Nov2018

Kavala, Anatolia Culture Association’s chairman, was arrested more than a year ago but has not yet been charged with any crime. He is accused of working with foreigners in a 2016 failed

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Turkey is succumbing to collective insanity

Source:Washington Post Date:24Apr2018

An article that best describes my diagnosis of the fundamental problem of Turkey today: We live in the Matrix world and assail anyone who tells us so.  More than a shaky economy and bad relations

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