Hagia Sophia stunts cannot solve Erdogan’s problems

Source:Ekathemerini Date:01Jun2020

Where does Erdogan stand today concerning attempts to reconquer Hagia Sophia? The latest developments show that two senior figures, Erbas and Altun, have replaced Arinc as Erdogan’s surrogate

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Turkey says plans to place quarter of top students in Islamic schools

Source:Euronews Date:12Apr2018

This is  called forced Islamization.  Already,  studies including those by Directorate of Religous Affairs show Turkey’s youth is souring on Islam and turning away from AKP. Erdogan may   

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Erdogan Says Those Attempting to Wage ‘Economic Terror’ Will Pay

Source:Bloomberg Date:12Apr2018

Erdogan addresses currency weakness by attacking “traitors” in the financial community.   “Those playing an active role in the economy, those within the financial system, if you

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Signs point to early Turkish elections

Source:al Monitor Date:06Mar2018

Turkey may be preparing for a snap election this year to enshrine President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s expanded powers and capitalize on the disarray of a splintered opposition enfeebled by a long

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Turkey plans assault on Kurdish enclave in Syria

Source:The Guardian Date:15Jan2018

Wow..As if we don’t have enough troubles at home or in the economy. Turkey’s president has said the country will launch a military assault on a Kurdish enclave in northern Syria “in the

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Turkish Banks Are Taking Losses on Mortgages After Rate Pressure

Source:Bloomberg Date:06Apr2017

We have long argued that Turkish banks are under strong pressure to lend at low margins and the current growth model based on cheap credit is unsustainable. A recent article at Bloomberg finds

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