Turkish opposition unites against presidential system

Source:Ahval News Date:12Jan2020

Opposition to the presidential system has become a flag for disparate opposition parties represented in parliament to rally around, and an issue where there is rare agreement. The two new

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Turkey’s new presidential system and a changing west

Source:Brookings Date:13Jan2019

This paper argues that the confluence of a “new” Turkey and an evolving international order is likely to continue to strain Turkey’s relations with its Western allies. Although many of the

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The Rise and Fall of Turkish Soft Power

Source:MDC Date:17Dec2018

A succint analysis of how Turkey went from the darling of West to bad  boy:   Nonetheless, Turkey’s period of experimentation with soft power was rather short lived, as was its appeal to

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Can Erdogan’s New Powers Help Fix Turkey’s Economy?

Source:The National Interest Date:30Sep2018

A very insightful analysis of how Erdogan’s new powers interact with Turkey’s  economic crisis by Nader Habibi.

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