For 3rd straight year, Turkey jailed more journalists than any other country: Report

Source:ABC News Date:14Dec2018

According to the global press freedom watchdog’s Annual Prison Census, 251 journalists are currently in jails around the world as of Dec. 1 for charges related to their work — 68 in

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Fake news in Turkey: Hunting for truth in land of conspiracy

Source:BBC news Date:15Nov2018

This is a great story by BBC which incidentally explains why independent  research outfits like us have such a difficult time finding the truth and then   swetaing to convince our clients that

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Turkey’s Embattled Political Cartoonists

Source:WSJ Date:13Aug2017

The grand Turkish tradition of political lampoons and caricatures is disappearing in the face of a changing media landscape and the country’s increasingly autocratic political life. “To write or

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Turkey’s latest trial of journalists is surreal even by its own standards

Source:The Economist Date:29Jul2017

The Economist covers the trial of Cumhuriyet staff:  “Absurdly, the journalists are accused of abetting the Gulen movement, the very group many of them helped expose”.

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