Turkey’s Erdogan Raises Coup Clashes in Warning Rivals Against Protests

Source:Bloomberg Date:05Jan2022

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan delivered a stern warning for any Turkish citizens preparing to protest against his government, as anger rises over soaring inflation and opposition parties step up

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The conflict between America and Iran intensifies in Iraq

Source:the Economist Date:02Jan2020

I post this article, because what comes around, goes around.  Turkey is surrounded by unstable regimes   Iran would be happy to see America go, but Iraq has plenty to lose. Its army remains

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Turkish protesters march in support of Uighurs after Ozil comments

Source:Yahoo News Date:21Dec2019

Social tensions in Turkey are rising. This march comes at a particularly difficult time for Erdogan government which hopes for more investment from China:   Last week, soccer star Ozil, a

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