Relations Between Turkey, Gulf Kingdoms Strained as Never Before – Academic

Source:Sputnik Date:13Mar2018

Turkey is determined to follow its foreign strategy and support Qatar regardless of the displeasure voiced by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a Turkish political scientist told Sputnik, while his

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Oil price more than Qatar hurts Gulf capital inflows to Turkey

Source:Financial Times Date:04Oct2017

Very interesting, data-driven article examining whether Turkey’s alliance  with Qatar is hurting economic ties with the Arab Quartet. The good news is that so far it hasn’t, but….

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War ‘stopped’ between Qatar, blockading Arab nations

Source:aş Jazeera Date:08Sep2017

According to Kuweit,  Qatar might be ready to negotiate the 13 conditions issued by the Arab Quarter, but the counterparties  are not  budging.

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Qatar becoming another diplomatic debacle for Turkey

Source:al Monitor Date:06Jul2017

I’ve  predicted from the day President Erdogan jumped head first into the Qatari Crisis that there is no winning scenario for Turkey. This article by reputable Turkish journalist Mr Semiz

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