Observation of the referendum on the constitutional amendments in Turkey

Source:PACE Date:31May2017

A damning report on the deficiencies and pro-Yes bias in Turkey’s presidential referandum by PACE monitors.

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Turkey’s Constitutional Referendum And Erdogan’s Diminished Power – Analysis

Source:Eurasia review Date:24May2017

I’ve been looking for an English language analysis of referendum results which reflect the tenuous support for AKP.  This article surveys exit polls, as well as outlining the challenges for

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Lessons From Turkey’s Slide Toward Dictatorship

Source:Bloomberg Date:24May2017

Turkey’s tragic story of democracy won and lost should the world and other Developing Nations as an example of how precious and fragile it is.

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Erdoğan’s Pyrrhic Victory?

Source:Project Syndicate Date:19Apr2017

Turkey’s leading international relations expert Mr. Soli Ozel assesses Erdogan’s narrow victory in the presidential referendum.  Is it the beginning of the end for the Erdogan Era? Is there any

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Ticking Clocks: Erdoğan and Turkey’s Constitutional Referendum


Presidential referendum and its aftermath: Turkey expert Garreth Jenkins discusses the current state of polls and the implications of YES and NO outcomes.   Can Turkey change course?  Read the

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