Greek police use tear gas on migrants at Turkish border

Source:Yahoo! Date:19Mar2020

Despite the title, this article reports that the Turkey-EU refugee crisis is over.   Greek police said they used tear gas to repel the push south of the Kastanies border crossing. They said

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Turkey Steps Back From Confrontation at Greek Border

Source:New York Times Date:14Mar2020

Another black-mail attempt by Erdogan on EU fails:   Turkey has signaled that it is winding down its two-week operation to aid the movement of tens of thousands of people toward Europe,

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The EU Will Bow to Erdogan’s Demands. Why Wait?

Source:Bloomberg Date:11Mar2020

A cynical but plausible scenario by my favrotie Bobby Gosh on the Turkey-EU refugee crisis:   Both sides know that these histrionics, while they play well to domestic audiences, will not

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Turkey’s Erdogan Leaves EU Talks Without Agreement on Refugees

Source:Bloomberg Date:10Mar2020

Talks between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the European Union over the fate of refugees in his country ended in failure Monday with no clear agreement over what should happen next

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Erdogan Risks Sanctions With April Date for Activating Russian S-400s

Source:Bloomberg Date:06Mar2020

Really?  God, gives the expression “bad timing” a new definition   Turkey will activate its Russian-made S-400 missile-defense systems in April, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

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