In Turkey, demography is a brake on Islamisation

Source:the Economist Date:02Jul2019

The Economist article verifes numerous research on declicing  religiousity in Turkey. It also explains why AKP’s share of the youth vote may have dropped to as low as 20%.   Efforts to

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Atheism grows in Turkey as Recep Tayyip Erdogan urges Islam

Source:Deutsche Welle Date:10Jan2019

A commentary on Turkish Islam:  Kilic said Muslims who regularly pray, go on pilgrimages or wear veils could generally be considered pious, though, he added, being true to the faith means much

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Turkey: Is Erdogan’s “Magic Spell” Beginning to Pale?

Source:Gatestone Institute Date:24Apr2018

Research conducted in March by 50 teachers from the Imam Hatip schools revealed that students are moving away from Islam. “[Mosques] no longer serve people, but rather serve as a source of

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Why so many Turks are losing faith in Islam

Source:al Monitor Date:18Apr2018

Erdogan’s social engineering project of Islamizing the society is backfiring.  Turkish youth is turning away from religon, “precisely because Islamists are empowered, and, by their

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Turkey, a Nation Stuck in Politicized, Primordial Worldviews

Source:Center for American Progress Date:22Feb2018

Fascinating and almost beyond belief! Turks view the world through a prism of ethnic identity and religion that defies economic interest, ideology and class struggle. What are we? In Turkey

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