In the Middle East, Russia is back

Source:Washington Post Date:05Dec2018

Among the presidents, prime ministers, kings and princes who have traveled to Moscow over the past year to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin are some of the United States’ closest

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Moscow, Ankara say Syria buffer going ahead despite missed deadline

Source:Yahoo News Date:17Oct2018

As I claimed all along–Russia doesn’t  want to lose Turkey, will not countenance Assad attack on Idlib   Neither Turkey nor Russia seemed fazed by the apparent breach of the plan

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Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s financial and strategic dilemmas

Source:Financial Times Date:19Sep2018

“Going to the IMF would be a big challenge,” says an AKP campaign strategist who underlines the party’s politically successful history of denouncing the tutelage of the fund. But, he adds,

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Turkey might not like the West, but needs it

Source:Brookings Papers Date:31Aug2018

Bravo to Mr Metin  Kirisci:   For Turkey, the stark reality is that to get out of its economic rut, it must cooperate with the EU. The EU buys more than half of Turkey exports and owns more

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Russia’s Use of Media and Information Operations in Turkey

Source:Rand Corporation Date:30Aug2018

Russian media have sought to undermine Turkey’s political and security cooperation with the United States and Europe by exacerbating mutual skepticism and highlighting policy differences.

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Russia-Turkey-Iran pact can end over Idlib

Source:Gulfnews Date:26Aug2018

Attention:  Idlib could morph into something bigger than Pastor Brunson crisis   The fate of the rebel-held Syrian province of Idlib may decide the future of the uneasy alliance between

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Turkey and Black Sea Security: Ten Years After the War in Georgia

Source:Atllantic Council Date:09Aug2018

Turkey’s double act between Russia and NATO is warign thin.  Note the line:  Turkey, however, is at best a fellow traveler rather than an ally of Russia.     Erdogan has turned

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How Russia Plans to Get Turkey on Its Side

Source:The National Interest Date:09Aug2018

While these state-to-state deals are certainly significant, they tend to overshadow a quieter, but equally important Russian campaign to “flip” Turkey’s influential business community. Akkuyu

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Turkey Stalls NATO, Clings to Defunct Status Quo in the Black Sea

Source:Jamestown Foundation Date:03Aug2018

Russia is rapidly accumulating superior power in the Black Sea, and posturing offensively in and around the region. Nevertheless, whenever the matter comes up for debate within the North Atlantic

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Turkey and the EU: time for plan B?

Source:AFP Date:15Jan2018

I added this to my “portfolio”, because it a short and succinct summary of Turkey’s current diplomatic troubles.  Worth a read for any Turkey beginner.

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