What stops return of Syrians in Turkey to area held by Turkish forces?

Source:al Monitor Date:31Jan2020

No comment needed   Hamdo said fewer than expected are returning “because many are committed to schools and jobs in Turkey. The next few months are likely to witness more refugees

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Erdogan: Turkey to launch military operation in northeastern Syria

Source:Deutsche Welle Date:05Oct2019

Turkey will launch an air and ground military operation in Syria in the next two days in a region east of the Euphrates mainly held by US-backed Kurdish militia that Ankara considers terrorists,

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East of Euphrates: Safe zone deal is not certain, risks continue

Source:The National Date:12Aug2019

US and Turkey agreed on a safe zone to the East Of Euphrates to seperate Turkey from PKK affiliated  YPG-PYD, but it can hardly be called a deal, missing almost every detail needed to pin down

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Why US plan to have Europeans run Syria safe zone is no sure bet

Source:al Monitor Date:03Feb2019

Very important, because WSJ implies Trump adminstration doesn’t  intend Turkey to occupy and run the safe zone:   Looks can be deceiving: But the US plan doesn’t have any hard

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Buffer zone in North-East Syria: What does it exactly mean?

Source:Ahval News Date:22Jan2019

An Erdogan-Trump phone exchange heralded the agreement on the establishment of a buffer zone at the Turkish border. This has helped markets and raised hopes in Turkey that economic relations,

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