‘Kurds will be decisive’: Erdoğan opponent piles on Turkey election pressure from prison

Source:Financial Times Date:06Apr2023

Selahattin Demirtaş, who led the leftwing Peoples’ Democratic party (HDP), Turkey’s third-biggest political group, before he was jailed in 2016 on charges of supporting terrorism, said a unified

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Turkey is succumbing to collective insanity

Source:Washington Post Date:24Apr2018

An article that best describes my diagnosis of the fundamental problem of Turkey today: We live in the Matrix world and assail anyone who tells us so.  More than a shaky economy and bad relations

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Turkey probes opposition chief accused of insulting Erdogan

Source:Business Recorder Date:07Dec2017

The day before the treason trial of HDP leader Mr Demirtas took start, Ankara DA’s office began investigating main opposition leader Mr Kilicdaroglu for defaming President Erdogan.  When

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