Soner Cagaptay: Istanbul Election Will Shape Erdogan’s Policy Trajectory

Source:Washington Institute Date:23Mar2024

If the president’s faction takes the city back from the opposition on March 31, he may feel comfortable enough to focus on more positive legacy-building steps, but a loss could see him double

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The Future of U.S.-Turkish Ties: A New Relationship, Not a Reset

Source:Washington Institute Date:27Jan2024

By Soner Cagaptay. His article heralds some intriguing new developments in the bilateral relationship:   To be sure, the new Turkey still sees itself as part of the West. Yet unlike in the

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Soner Cagaptay: Will Turkey Help Washington If Russia Invades Ukraine?

Source:Washington Institute Date:28Jan2022

On one hand, Turkey is keen on maintaining the balance of power in the Black Sea littoral. It also opposes Russia’s 2014 annexation of Crimea, due in part to its sympathies for the indigenous

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Resilience in Turkey

Source:CEPA Date:24Apr2020

An article based on solid survey research inspring hope for Turkey’s future by Soner Cagaptay and Deniz Yüksel.   His Jacobin top-down social conservatism has proved remarkably

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A New Erdogan-Putin Deal in Idlib May Help—For Now

Source:The Washington Institute Date:06Mar2020

Turkish Affairs expert Soner Cagaptay writes:   Turkey, Russia, and Washington have compelling reasons to welcome a new ceasefire agreement, however imperfect, but they still need to address

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Turkey’s Rising Wave of Social Protests

Source:the Globalist Date:20Aug2019

he last time major anti-government rallies took place in Turkey, Erdogan was able to snuff them out not only because of his power over state security organs, but also because the opposition

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