Proposed Legislation Stokes New Crackdown as Emergency Rule Ending in Turkey

Source:Voice of America Date:18Jul2018

Despite the proposed new powers, analyst Atilla Yesilada of Global Source Partners suggests there remains a way for Erdogan to make a conciliatory gesture. “One way to keep the binding provisions

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Reality Check: The numbers behind the crackdown in Turkey

Source:BBC news Date:21Jun2018

How a just effort to remove the Gulenist scourge from the state turned into a witch hunt: People who have been sacked by decree are given no information initially about what they are alleged to

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Turkey’s Ince galvanizes opposition hopes in presidential race

Source:al Monitor Date:07Jun2018

The polls are divided on Ince’s chances of beating Erdogan in a runoff. One that says it is possible is Remres, a new polling company, whose May 6-9 survey found that Erdogan would score 41.8% to

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Police Prevent CHP’s Sit-in Protest of State of Emergency

Source:biaNet Date:16Apr2018

CHP finally began street protests, as many of the rank-and-file demanded, against State of   Emergency and the violations   of rule of law. Pictures from Istanbul indicate moderate crowds. Will

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Turkey to get worst EU scorecard so far, officials say

Source:Reuters Date:15Apr2018

Turkey will on Tuesday receive the European Commission’s most critical report since it launched its bid to join the European Union over a decade ago, with Brussels warning that years of progress

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EU expresses fresh concerns over Turkey’s deteriorating rule of law

Source:Hurriyet Daily News Date:03Feb2018

“The reversal of the court decision to release Amnesty International Turkey Chair Taner Kılıҫ and the detention of the members of the Executive Committee of the Turkish Medical Association are

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Are armed pro-government vigilantes rising in Turkey?

Source:BBC news Date:02Feb2018

How can you tell if a country is suffering from mass hysteria and mental delusion?  Read this article. Armed groups are mushrooming in the Islamist-nationalist segment of the society, threatening

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Could Abdullah Gul be the unexpected saviour of Turkey’s opposition?

Source:Middle East Eye Date:30Jan2018

In the last days of 2017, a new state of emergency decree, providing immunity to civilians who took part in suppressing the July 2016 coup attempt against the Turkish government, triggered an

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Turkey’s Abdullah Gül discovers political spine, maybe

Source:Politico Date:17Jan2018

My and Turks’ gratitude goes to Ms Zia Weise for covering the story of former President Gul, who  dared to challenge Erdogan’s authoritarian streak and got lynched for his crime. 

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Europe’s Top Rights Body Slams Turkey’s Emergency Decrees

Source:Voice of America Date:07Oct2017

The Council of Europe’s advisory body — known as the Venice Commission and made up of constitutional law experts — said it was “particularly worried” by the use of decrees to sack elected mayors

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