Many Syrian Refugees in Turkey Want to Stay, Despite Erdogan Plan to Force Their Return

Source:Voice of America Date:02Nov2019

“I don’t see any reason why (Syrian President) Bashar al-Assad will want any of those refugees back,” said Soli Ozel, an international relations lecturer at Istanbul’s

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Erdogan unveils gargantuan refugee resettlement plan

Source:PA Intelligence Date:28Sep2019

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan returned from his meetings at UN Assembly even more determined to carve out a safe zone for Turkey at the Syrian border, to the East of Euphrates River.  He

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Rumors about the “death” of Russian-Turkish alliance in Syria greatly exaggerated

Source:Modern Diplomacy Date:06Apr2019

A well-balanced and thoughtfull article on Tukey’s options in Syria.  Neither Russia nor US is willing to grant  Ankara it main priorities of safe return of Syrian refugees and eradication

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No Exit: Turkey’s unexpected empire in Syria

Source:Ahval News Date:06Mar2018

There are signs the Turkish government understands that it has saddled itself with responsibility for the more than 2.5 million inhabitants of Idlib, Afrin and northern Aleppo. After initially

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Integrating Syrian Refugees in Istanbul’s “District of Victimhood”

Source:International Crisis Group Date:20Feb2018

As underlined by Crisis Group’s 29 January report, Turkey’s Syrian Refugees: Defusing Metropolitan Tensions, the risk of violent clashes between hosts and refugees is higher in places where the

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