Turkey eyes five new targets for possible offensive in Syria

Source:al Monitor Date:31Oct2021

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan might be counting on nationalism to sidestep Turkey’s deepening economic and political troubles before the presidential elections in 2023. Ankara has

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Idlib offensive tests strength of Russia-Turkey ties in Syria

Source:al Monitor Date:21May2019

Moscow is increasingly concerned and restless over Turkey’s moves in northern Syria. Russia’s active support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s Idlib offensive indicates Moscow thinks

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Are Russia and Turkey making deals or parting ways in Syria?

Source:al Jazeera Date:18May2019

A solid analysis of what is at stake in Idlib: By now it is clear that “trying to have it all” might not be the best strategy for Turkey to pursue. In the foreseeable future, it might

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Turkey bolsters military presence in Iraqi Kurdistan

Source:Ahval News Date:02Apr2018

Turkey chooses the military option to resolce its security dilemmas.   Turkey has firmly grasped the initiative in its conflict against Kurdish forces linked to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party

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