Understanding the Failed Deal With Turkey That Sparked Trump’s Fury

Source:New York Times Date:08Aug2018

Pressingly, the United States must ensure that Mr. Brunson, other American citizens and the Turkish staff of the United States embassy who are in prison are freed immediately. The longer it holds

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Trump lashes out at Erdogan, threatens sanctions over Brunson

Source:al Monitor Date:27Jul2018

Indeed, Trump’s words clearly suggest that placing Brunson under house arrest fell far short of appeasing the administration. Washington may have thought it had a deal with Ankara and that

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Erdogan to extend offensive to Manbij risking clash with US forces

Source:Middle East Eye Date:25Jan2018

While Ankara disputes this account of events, acording to White House, Trump warned Erdogan to stay away from Manbij. Where is Manbij?  Why is it important U.S. and how it could become the straw

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Turkey ‘very happy’ as U.S. stops arming Kurds in Syria

Source:NBC News Date:26Nov2017

Something is afoot in Syria, but it is not clear, how Turkey will benefit from it:   Trump’s decision appeared to catch both the Pentagon and the U.S. State Department off guard.

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Trump may have to sanction his Turkish president best buddy

Source:Washington Post Date:23Sep2017

Has the Trump-Erdogan summit stopped the detoriaration in the Turko-American relationship? Even pro-AKP Turkish commentators are skeptical.  WS claims the future of the relationship might be  in

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War ‘stopped’ between Qatar, blockading Arab nations

Source:aş Jazeera Date:08Sep2017

According to Kuweit,  Qatar might be ready to negotiate the 13 conditions issued by the Arab Quarter, but the counterparties  are not  budging.

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Flynn’s Turkey Connection Is the Case Worth Pursuing

Source:Bloomberg Date:19May2017

This a bombshell opinion piece.  Could Turkey bring  about the downfall of Trump?  Wow?

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Trump to Arm Syrian Kurds, Even as Turkey Strongly Objects

Source:New York Times Date:10May2017

Trump angers Turkey by deciding to arm Syrian Kurds at the eve of critical summit with Erdogan.  This decision could potentially serve as turning point in the bi-lateral relations. Erdogan is yet

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Lawmakers say Flynn did not disclose lobbying and payments from Turkey and Russia

Source:LA Times Date:26Apr2017

This is the story that is making opposition headlines in Turkey. According to opposition websites, former National Security Advisor Flynn received cash from Turkish lobbying entities, which were

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