A quiet US move in the Mediterranean may help put more pressure on Russia, but not everyone in NATO is happy about it

Source:Business Insider Date:18Oct2022

Explains why weapons embargo to Greek Cyprus was lifted. It is not a move against Turkey, but a way to monitor Russian money in Grepe Cyprus and expedite weapons deliveries to Ukraine.  

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US demands that Turkey should cease all activity in Cyprus waters

Source:Middle East Monitor Date:20Aug2019

The US State Department has called on the Turkish authorities to remove its drilling vessels from the territorial waters around Cyprus and to cease immediately any “unlawful activities”. The

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Turkey to retaliate against Greek Cyprus’ plan to arrest its drilling personnel

Source:Hurriyet Daily News Date:11Jun2019

Congratulations, we have new conflict   Turkey has protested over the Greek Cyprus’ decision to issue international arrest warrants for crew members of Turkish drilling vessel “Fatih” and

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Cyprus will not consent to any upgrading of Turkey-EU customs agreement

Source:Cyprus Mail Date:23Feb2019

This is a major blow to Turkey-EU relations.  Essentially,  little upside left for Erdogan to be nice to EU anymore.   CYPRUS will not give its consent for an upgrade of the EU–Turkey

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