France sends warships to Mediterranean to deter Turkey

Source:Middle East Monitor Date:31Jan2020

Add another one to Turkey’s growing list of foreign conflicts   French President Emmanuel Macron has sent warships to the Eastern Mediterranean to give support to Greece against

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US, Turkey on collision course in Syria’s Manbij

Source:Deutsche Welle Date:01Apr2018

“Manbij for the US is more than just a territory on the map. For the US military it is the door that secures the Raqqa countryside and Raqqa is the showroom model for the US’ post-IS

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U.S. Military Alliance in Syria Could Fall Apart as Turkey Fights Its Own War on ‘Terror’

Source:Newsweek Date:31Mar2018

Turkey’s relationship with EU and USA increasingly pivots on Syria.   Amid Kurdish and French reports that France would send troops to the Kurd-controlled city of Manbij, where the

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