Turkey’s threat to derail Swedish and Finnish accession NATO raises the Kurdish Issue

Source:Brookings blog Date:07Jun2022

Turkey’s relations with the West will continue to be crisis-driven amid a range of ongoing tensions, including over the conflict in Libya, the eastern Mediterranean crisis, tensions with the EU

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Turkey reacts to threat of US sanctions with military deployment near Syria

Source:Arab News Date:15Jul2019

A significant deployment of heavy weapons has taken place near the strategic northern border town of Tal Abyad, controlled by the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia. The control of Tal Abyad helped the

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Turkish army brass at odds over military operation in Syria

Source:al Monitor Date:05Jan2019

Deniz Zeyrek, a columnist for Sozcu and a seasoned defense and diplomacy writer, summarized their objections in three points: The threat Turkey now faces is different from what we encountered in

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Analysts expect renewed efforts to settle Kurdish issue following March polls in Turkey

Source:Xinhua Date:04Dec2018

Very interesting Xinhua view: Despite Ankara’s insistent calls in the past, the YPG did not give up establishing autonomous cantons along the Turkish border either. “In addition, if

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Kurdish Ambitions Test Turkey’s Uneasy Peace With U.S.

Source:Bloomberg Date:29Nov2018

Will Ankara dare to disrupt the fragile  equilibrium in Syria  before March 2019 local elections?   Turkey says its military is confronting another attempt to redraw the region’s maps. It

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Emboldened Turkey Pushes Deeper Into Syria, but Risks Abound

Source:New York Times Date:24Mar2018

The import of Afrin victory: Yet the fall of Afrin has made it increasingly clear that Turkey and its allies will have to be reckoned with in whatever negotiation might eventually end the

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US spending bill drops Turkey sanctions

Source:al Monitor Date:23Mar2018

Turkey averted political sanctions by Congress in the last second, but the threat is not over, reports Amberin Zaman of al Monitor.   “Tough love” prescribes Asli Aydintasbas

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In Turkey’s Kurdish heartland, anger over Syria war finds a stage

Source:Reuters Date:22Mar2018

Why aren’t AKP’s votes increasing despite Afrin victory, this article answers it:  Kurds are deserting the party in droves:   Tens of thousands of Turkish Kurds turned an annual

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The U.S. Alliance With Turkey Is Worth Preserving

Source:Foreign Policy Date:21Mar2018

Some in the United States see any accommodation of Turkish concerns regarding the Syrian Kurds as a betrayal of a partner that proved doughty in the fight against the Islamic State. Yet the

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U.S. moving to repair relations with Turkey, endangering ties with Kurdish allies

Source:Washington Post Date:11Mar2018

Officials gave no timeline for moving the Kurds from Manbij to positions east of the Euphrates, 20 miles away, and did not indicate how the relocation would be accomplished. The officials said

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