Libya’s Future Hinges on a Proxy Standoff in Qaddafi’s Home Town

Source:Bloomberg Date:24Jun2020

I hate war and I don’t support many of AKP’s policy postions, but a victory in Libya by NGA is certainly a huge gain for Turkey   This article explains the importance of Sirte

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Turkey dismisses Egyptian warning of Libya intervention

Source:Swiss Info Date:23Jun2020

“Sisi’s statements have no basis,” the Turkish official told Reuters on condition of anonymity. “Turkey and Libya will not turn back from their determination.” The

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Haftar’s Bid to Take Tripoli Ends as Last Bastion in West Falls

Source:Bloomberg Date:06Jun2020

Well, it is a victory of sorts for Turkey   Libya’s internationally recognized government said on Friday it had taken the remaining stronghold of Khalifa Haftar in the country’s west,

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Confusion clouds international efforts to reach Libya ceasefire

Source:The Guardian Date:08Jan2020

The Italian and Russian initiatives are not necessarily in conflict, but reflect the extent to which outside parties are intervening in the country, and are probably making it more difficult for

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Libya’s War of the Many

Source:Carnegie Europe Date:04Jan2020

How will Turkey’s interference in Libyan civil war end?   Ultimately, U.S. and Europe inaction opens the door to multipolarity in Libya, with Turkey and Russia jointly filling the

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As Rivals Fight for Control of Libya, Erdogan Says Turkey May Jump In

Source:New York Times Date:11Dec2019

Mr. Erdogan has more at stake, though, than stability in Libya. His comments about a possible military intervention come just days after Ankara signed a deal with the Tripoli government that

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Libya has outsized importance for Turkey’s Mediterranean plans

Source:al Monitor Date:06Jul2019

Another excellent analysis my military  affairs expert Metin Gurcan, the game of influence between Turkey and its rivals in the Mediterranean Sea:   Turkey’s interest in Libya is more

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Turkey’s Islamist meddling in Libya conflict

Source:Ahval News Date:16Apr2019

A rare article explaining Turkey’s position in the escalating Libyan civil war With the civil war in Libya heating up once again, Turkey’s role there may become significantly more

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