Is Turkey-Qatar alliance in danger?

Source:Ahval News Date:05Nov2019

When the Turkish lira tumbled in August 2018, Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani promised $15 billion in Qatari investment for Turkey. “Today, that seemingly unshakable alliance is now under

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Turkey, Qatar risk losing regional geopolitical influence

Source:The Daily Star Date:25May2019

Turkey and Qatar risk losing geopolitical influence due to turmoil in Libya and Sudan, as regional rivals Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates extend their own reach. Doha, a long-time ally

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Turkey and Qatar: An Alliance Under the Saudi Sword

Source:Gatestone Institute Date:30Oct2018

The new U.S. leverage that emerged after the Saudi embarrassment is the same leverage that the U.S. can now use to broker an entente between Saudi Arabia and Qatar. That there may be a

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Could A Coalition of the “Friends of Turkey” Ride to Turkey’s Financial Rescue?

Source:Council on Foreign Relations Date:14Sep2018

Brad Setser tries to answer the most important question vexing Turkey’s lenders. Can “Turkey’s friends, i.e. Russia, Qatar, China, etc, bail out the country, in case foreign

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