Source:War on the Rocks Date:08Jun2024

Solid analysis.   More broadly, the challenge remains that Erdogan’s ideology and domestic legitimacy rest on anti-Westernism and anti-Americanism. As shown when he won re-election in

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Asli Aydintasbas: The Sultan’s ghost: Erdogan and the Israel – Palestinian conflict

Source:Brookings Date:24Nov2023

Website won ‘t let me copy a small paragraph, but this in-depth analysis is a must-read.       If you want to watch my view:  

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US naval diplomacy reaches Turkey in latest sign of rapprochement

Source:al Monitor Date:31Aug2023

Spectacular reporting from al Monitor staff on Turko-American relationship. Here is the summary   US Ambassador to Turkey Jeff Flake hosted Selcuk Bayraktar, CEO of Turkey’s homegrown drone

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Henri Barkey: Erdogan the Survivor

Source:Foreign Affairs Date:29Aug2023

A great article by Turkey expert Henri Barkey about the state of Turko-American relations.    It correctly analyses Erdogan’s motives and weaknesses. US must adopt a new approach to deal

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Turkey’s search for fighter jets puts Biden in a bind

Source:Financial Times Date:14Oct2021

Great insight from Laura Pitel The situation creates a bind for the Biden administration. Pressing for a green light to the F16 sale without any conditions would be seen by Turkey’s critics as

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Will Erdogan’s Afghan gambit pay off in Washington?

Source:al Monitor Date:31Jul2021

A serious article by policy expert Mr Semih Idiz, which nevertheless reads as a satire of Erdogan’s myopic and convoluted thinking.  He could curry favor simply by removing S-400s rather

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US, Turkey still far off on deal over Russian S-400 missiles

Source:al Monitor Date:10Jun2021

With less than a week left before Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan meets with Joe Biden for the first time since he was elected president, rumors are swirling of an impending deal on

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More S-400s? Is Turkey Moving Closer to Russia Again?

Source:Yahoo News Date:04Jun2020

“Today we can say that Turkey’s orders for Russian military equipment stand at a total of $1 billion,” Dmitry Shugayev, chief of Russia’s federal service for military-technological cooperation,

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Talking Turkey, Islamism, and Genocide on Capitol Hill

Source:Middle East Forum Date:17Dec2019

Editor’s Note:  I dopn’t agree with the discourse and conclusions, but this article is a jewel to demonstrate  how the American policy debate about Turkey is proceeding. I wish the

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U.S. Lawmakers Move to Punish Turkey for Buying Russian Missile System

Source:Foreign Policy Date:11Dec2019

One congressional staffer indicated that if the president does not soon impose sanctions, Congress may act unilaterally. “If the Administration doesn’t do something soon on CAATSA, Congress will

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