Turkey’s Nationalist Course

Source:Rand Corporation Date:19Feb2020

This is the RAND Corporation report that stoked coup rumors in  Turkey     Turkey remains a polarized country Under President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, democratic and civil rights in Turkey

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Turkey indicts local US consulate worker in Istanbul

Source:Rudaw Date:27Apr2019

Is this a declaration of war agaist US?   Nazmi Mete Canturk has been working as a security officer at the US Consulate in Istanbul, Reuters reported, adding the indictment was dated on

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Tensions Escalate Between Germany and Turkey

Source:Wall Street Journal Date:27Jul2017

We have predicted with 75 odds that the conflict between Turkey and Germany will mutate into a crisis which will involve some type of sanctions.  The trend seems to bear out our analysis, as this

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Turkey’s influence network in Europe is leading to tension

Source:Global Risk Insights Date:04Jun2017

A comprehensive  report on alleged spying  activities of Turkey in EU.

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The growing human toll of Turkey’s coup attempt

Source:Turkey Purge Date:08May2017

The numbers are startling: 149,833 investigated, 48,636 arrested since July 15, according to the  justice minister.  And, there is no sign of an end. There is certainly going to be a more broader

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