Turkey’s Erdogan Accused of Playing Politics with Pandemic

Source:Balkan Insight Date:25Apr2020

A ban on city authorities from aiding those worst hit by the economic fallout of COVID-19 is a thinly-disguised attempt to exact revenge for a string of losses in local elections last year,

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Ankara cracks down on efforts by medical groups, opposition to address pandemic

Source:al Monitor Date:01Apr2020

As countries around the world try to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus, medical groups and opposition figures in Turkey are finding the limits of their operating space as Ankara works on

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Turkish Medical Association: Covid-19 Spread All Around Turkey due to Government’s Mistakes

Source:biaNet Date:30Mar2020

“Cases and contacts are almost everywhere. After this stage, the opportunity to implement a country-wide quarantine was missed. Locally or regionally, quarantine and isolation can still be

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Turkish government divided over lockdown proposals

Source:al Monitor Date:27Mar2020

A report by ever-reliable militayr affairs  expert Mr Metin Gurcan, which suggests up to 100K deaths from Covid-19   Turkey’s steep upward curve in new COVID-19 infections is leading

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