Syria: what is Turkey’s grand plan?

Source:Financial Times Date:29Jul2022

He says the “current map” does not allow for an exit strategy, while suggesting that taking the northern cities of Tal Rifaat and Manbij would bolster Ankara’s longer-term security and economic

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Western world turns blind eye to Turkey’s attacks: Scholar

Source:Media news Date:04Jun2022

Having remained silent over Turkey’s attacks on Syrian and Iraqi Kurds, NATO and the US government are complicit in Ankara’s aggression, said Dr Cihan Tugal, a professor of sociology

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Pence and Erdoğan agree on ceasefire plan but Kurds reject ‘occupation’

Source:The Guardian Date:18Oct2019

The arrangement, however, appeared to be a significant US embrace of Turkey’s position in the weeklong conflict, and did not publicly define the safe zone’s borders. General Mazloum Kobane of the

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Turkey military operation much larger than anticipated: Analysts

Source:al Jazeera Date:11Oct2019

Despite the title, this is not a pro-Turkish propaganda piece.  It is balanced account of the event at the theatre and potential developments.   Even if Turkey is successful in securing its

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Syrian Forces Move Into Strategic Town, Tightening Grip on Rebels

Source:New York Times Date:21Aug2019

Syrian government troops are pushing into a strategic town in the country’s last rebel-held region, local witnesses and monitors said Tuesday, another milestone in a military campaign that has

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Moscow and Ankara at odds over Syrian crisis

Source:Arab News Date:12Aug2019

Turkey complains to Russia about the Assad regime shelling various targets in Idlib. Russia duly takes note of these complaints, but it is unclear whether it takes any action on them. Russia’s

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East of Euphrates: Safe zone deal is not certain, risks continue

Source:The National Date:12Aug2019

US and Turkey agreed on a safe zone to the East Of Euphrates to seperate Turkey from PKK affiliated  YPG-PYD, but it can hardly be called a deal, missing almost every detail needed to pin down

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Turkey readies for action as U.S. talks on Syria safe zone struggle

Source:Yahoo News Date:07Aug2019

Trump’s special envoy for Syria said after an earlier round of talks on the safe zone last week that Turkey had taken a “pretty tough” position. “The Turks want a deeper

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Why is Turkey alone in Idlib?

Source:Middle East Eye Date:29Jun2019

A  fair review of the actors’ motivations in the multi-sided Idlib conflict. Turkey is under pressure, but will not withdraw its froces from the province.   Despite UN warnings about

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Syrian government attacks Turkish post in Idlib

Source:TRT World Date:17Jun2019

Forces belonging to regime leader Bashar al Assad attacked a Turkish observation point in Syria’s Idlib province and it was retaliated with heavy weapons, Turkish Defense Ministry said on

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