Are Iran and Turkey on a collision course over West Azerbaijan?

Source:Middle East Institute Date:02Mar2024

Over the centuries, Iran and Turkey have engaged in an ebbing and flowing, but continual, rivalry for regional influence and supremacy. That thorny relationship persists to this day, in some

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Twin Pressures Adding Friction To Iran-Turkey Ties – OpEd

Source:Eurasian Review Date:10Apr2020

The second factor contributing to the current rising tensions between Turkey and Iran is the conflict in Syria’s Idlib province. From the perspective of the Iranian leaders, Tehran must be the

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Idlib front, Iran’s weakening foreign operation capacity: analysis

Source:Yeni Safak English Date:15Feb2020

This analysis appeared in pro-AKP Yeni Safak, and is one of many critising Russia and Iran vis-a-vis their Syria policy.  The tide is changing   Following the Arab spring, the historical

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