Analysis: What Turkey Wants to Let Finland and Sweden Into NATO

Source:New York Times Date:25Jun2022

In an interview on Swedish television, a former NATO official, Stephanie Babst, said that Mr. Erdogan’s real agenda is domestic. “Primarily this is a message toward his electoral base at home,”

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What now for the Nordic NATO bids?

Source:Deutsche Welle Date:21May2022

Note the concluding paragraph:   There is no sign of active intervention yet from the Biden administration, but Levin points to one American attitude that perhaps Erdogan should monitor.

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The Strongman Cometh

Source:Foundation for Defense of Democracies Date:19May2022

Erdoğan needs to proceed with caution, however, because as Mitch McConnell indicated in Helsinki on May 16, there is broad support for Finland and Sweden in Congress, and many members would like

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Turkey and NATO Prove the Anna Karenina Principle of Alliances

Source:Washington Post Date:18May2022

In Tolstoy’s universe, the menace comes from the entire world outside. You only survive and thrive, the novel suggests, if you stay committed to the family, even if it’s dysfunctional. The

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