Turkey and NATO Prove the Anna Karenina Principle of Alliances

Source:Washington Post Date:18May2022

In Tolstoy’s universe, the menace comes from the entire world outside. You only survive and thrive, the novel suggests, if you stay committed to the family, even if it’s dysfunctional. The

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Turkey Warns West It Will Continue to Shop Around for Missiles

Source:Bloomberg Date:04Sep2020

“If you don’t want me to buy it from elsewhere, then you need to sell it,” Cavusoglu said. “If you don’t, we’ll continue to buy from elsewhere. Today, this can be the S-400. Tomorrow, there will

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Turkey’s Erdogan Leaves EU Talks Without Agreement on Refugees

Source:Bloomberg Date:10Mar2020

Talks between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the European Union over the fate of refugees in his country ended in failure Monday with no clear agreement over what should happen next

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Turkey’s Grand Plans for Middle East Primacy

Source:The National Interest Date:22Dec2019

A thorugh analysis of Turkey’s regional policy steps and the strategy underneath.  Also, sympathetic to Turkish view.  Yet, this author must remind the readers that Imperial Overreach has

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Turkey Isn’t Leaving NATO, But It May Be Breaking With the West

Source:Yahoo News Date:21Dec2019

Just weeks after a NATO summit brushed internal disputes under the carpet, renewed sparring between the U.S. and Turkey points to longer term risks to the alliance.U.S. Defense Secretary Mark

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Talking Turkey, Islamism, and Genocide on Capitol Hill

Source:Middle East Forum Date:17Dec2019

Editor’s Note:  I dopn’t agree with the discourse and conclusions, but this article is a jewel to demonstrate  how the American policy debate about Turkey is proceeding. I wish the

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Don’t Blame Turkey for NATO’s Woes

Source:Foreign Policy Date:03Dec2019

Provides a long-term insight into Turkey’s recalcitrance to approve NATO’s Baltic and Poland defense plan:   It is under these circumstances that Washington moved to block the

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