Fears of foul play hang over Turkish referendum

Source:al Monitor Date:11Apr2017

This al Monitor report addresses a growing fear among Turkey’s beleaguered opposition. That foul play will determine the outcome of Sunday’s ballot, rather than voters’ conscience.  While the

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How Erdogan’s Referendum Gamble Might Backfire

Source:Der Spiegel Date:11Apr2017

This Spiegel article, though I find it biased and certainly misinformed about the polls (they show a very close race) is worth adding to our website, because it tells a very realistic story of

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Glum EU braces for Turkey vote on Erdogan’s powers

Source:Reuter's Date:10Apr2017

EU is worried  about referandum results:  Politicians claim there are few good scenarios

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Turkey’s Erdogan slams Europe, as latest poll suggests support rising

Source:Reuter's Date:07Apr2017

Massive confusion about the referendum outcome   and its impact on EU:  The Reuters article linked in this review suggests support for the YES camp is rising, but my poll-of-polls table shows no

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