Prof Daron Acemoglu: To Reconstruct Turkey, Rebuild Its Democracy

Source:Project Syndicate Date:29Mar2023

But even if a coalition of opposition parties can win, replacing the government will not fix Turkey’s problems. The country’s institutions need to be rebuilt, and that process cannot be completed

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‘Where’s the aid?’ Families left to bury own dead as Turkey struggles to cope

Source:Financial Times Date:10Feb2023

Laura Pitel does an excellent job of getting to the bottom of the  problem:  The state withered under Erdogan.

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WP: Earthquake’s tragic aftermath puts spotlight on Turkey’s leader

Source:Washington Post Date:09Feb2023

Erdogan could end up fighting an uphill battle. “Erdogan in the past two decades has built an image of the feared autocrat, one who is also effective at governance,” Cagaptay said. That image may

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Erdogan Has Undermined Turkey’s Quake Response

Source:Bloomberg Date:08Feb2023

Erdogan’s enervation of Turkish civil society can’t help but hamper the government’s response to the quake. And the resulting fallout will expose him to criticism in the lead-up to the general

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The scale of the disaster in Turkey and Syria keeps growing

Source:The Economist Date:08Feb2023

In Turkey frustration is setting in, as is the sense that parts of the country have been abandoned. The government says it has deployed 18,000 gendarmes and 10,000 police to the disaster areas.

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