Ahead of a critical election Turkey’s economy is running on borrowed time

Source:The Economist Date:27Mar2023

The poor state of the economy, compounded by the impact of the earthquakes that killed over 50,000 people in the country’s south in early February, has darkened Mr Erdogan’s election prospects.

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Want to understand Turkey’s brutal inflation? Look at the price of plums

Source:CNBC.com Date:13Apr2022

For Turks, the humble green plum (“erik” in Turkish) represents the start of spring. An intensely sour fruit, it’s available just once a year around April. But rising prices and falling value of

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FT: In charts: can Erdogan’s gamble keep the Turkish lira steady?

Source:Financial Times Date:21Feb2022

Erdogan, a staunch opponent of high interest rates, triggered a collapse in the currency at the end of last year when he ordered the central bank to aggressively cut borrowing costs despite

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Why Turkey’s economic resilience has defied worst fears

Source:Financial Times Date:11Feb2022

The warnings back in 2011-2013 were ominous: “If the Turkish lira breaks through 2 against the dollar, the economy will implode.” Once the 2 was reached, the new implosion target moved to 3, then

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Turkey’s Erdogan Shifts Tone to Signal Slower, Gradual Rate Cuts

Source:Bloomberg Date:18Jan2022

The power of self-delusion   Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said borrowing costs will fall slowly and gradually, pulling back from previous exhortations to cut quickly, in a shift

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Turkey Has a Message for Wall Street Doomsayers About Inflation

Source:Bloomberg Date:14Jan2022

Our finance minister is officially the laughing stock of the world. Yet, his inflation optimism may spell early elections by September-October.   Consumer-price growth won’t accelerate after

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Turkish tycoon calls for economic policy overhaul

Source:Financial Times Date:15Oct2021

As Erdogan’s power wanes, people and instituions are beginning to speak freely about his fatal errors which brought the country to the brink of socio-economic crisis.  This could snowball

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Germany’s Horst Seehofer warns of ‘refugee wave’ bigger than in 2015

Source:Deutsche Welle Date:07Oct2019

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has called on the EU to do more to support Turkey and avoid another refugee crisis. If nothing is done, he said, the crisis may become “even greater

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Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s power is waning

Source:Financial Times Date:02Apr2019

An astute analysis by David Gardner of FT about why Erdogan is upset  about losing Istanbul and  what he intends to do  going forward:   The focus on the AKP’s Islamist ideology underplays

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Turkey’s loaded post-election agenda

Source:Hurriyet Daily News Date:30Mar2019

A somber analysis of the decisions Turkey needs to reach  after the elections.   A reform road map and relations with the West headline the agenda.     On Monday, it will be time to

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