The “Blue Homeland” and Turkey’s new forward defence doctrine

Source:Duvar English Date:25Jun2020

This a socialist criticque of Turkey new forward looking  military posture.  While I don’t agree with the critical terminolagy used by the author, it is an excellent primer to understand

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Uighur debate shows shifting influence in Turkish policies

Source:al Monitor Date:08Apr2019

China’s treatment of the Uighurs doesn’t bear directly on Turkey’s economy, but the debate on the matter reveals the power struggle between the two circles that currently dominate

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Turkey’s Wag-the-Dog Election

Source:Foreign Policy Date:23Jun2018

Actually, this tour-de-force  expose of Erdogan’s alliance with Gulen and the Syrian policy is about Turkey’s foreign policy dilemmas. I recommend a thorough read, though I disagree

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Turkey’s S-400 Dilemma

Source:EDAM Date:02Aug2017

Excellent research by EDAM think tank on  the operational capacity, shortcomings and politics of S-400 anti-missile systems Turkey intends to buy from Russia.

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Beyond the Trump-Erdoğan Meeting: The Rise of Eurasianists and Turkey’s Syria Policy

Source:Arab Center Date:27May2017

A powerful analysis of changing Turkish bureacracy: Although most critics focus on Erdoğan’s authoritarianism as a threat to Turkey’s future in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the

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