The coming proxy wars between Turkey and Saudi Arabia

Source:Brandeis Now Date:07Sep2019


One of the very few articles I could find explaining the tensions between Turkey and Saudi Arabia. It will hurt both sides, benefiting Iran.


Henry J. Leir Professor of the Economics of the Middle East Nader Habibi describes the Turkey-Saudi Arabia antagonism as a “cold war” with both countries working with groups and leaders in other countries to counter each other.


The conflict between Saudi Arabia and Turkey will make it more difficult for both sides to achieve their regional goals. Turkey’s efforts to play a leadership role in the Islamic world or to strengthen its economic relations with the rest of the Arab world are likely to be blocked by Saudi Arabia.

Similarly, Saudi Arabia’s efforts to reunite the GCC countries and position itself as its leader will be frustrated by Turkey’s support for nations that defy Saudi Arabia. This divide will also weaken the bargaining position of both sides with Iran and other regional rivals