The Global Competitiveness Report 2018

Source:World Economic Forum Date:17Oct2018

Makes sobering reading for  Developing Economies in particular for Turkey, which incidentally slipped three places in the rankings.


This is paragraph I liked best:  Weak institutions continue to hamper competitiveness. Weak institutions—defined as including security, property rights, social capital, checks and balances, transparency and ethics, public-sector performance and corporate governance—continue to hinder competitiveness, development and well-being in many countries. The Institutions pillar is the second-lowest scoring pillar of the 12 GCI pillars (after the Innovation capability pillar), with a median score of 53—just over halfway to the frontier. For 117 of the 140 economies studied, their Institutions pillar performance is a drag on their overall competitiveness score.



This is where Turkey fails miserably.  We are busy substituting one-man rule for institutions and calling that The New Economy.