The spectre of Syria silenced Arab protest. But now it’s finding its voice

Source:The Guardian Date:21Oct2019

Second Arab Spring? Any one?


his is the year that the spirit of protest in the region was proven to only have been dormant, rather than extinct. The Sudanese overthrew Omar al-Bashir in a grand majestic revolution, where a revolutionary body of thousands pitted itself against the formidable machinery of the state’s military dictatorship. Despite the country already suffering from ethnic and tribal divides so pronounced that an entire murderous paramilitary complex arose from its fissures, despite there being a history of bloody conflict that pointed more towards a Syria- or Libya-style disintegration, this was not enough to chill the need for change. Even after hundreds were slaughtered and the internet shut down, protesters still coordinated and found their way on to the streets of Sudanese cities.



Also, Hong Kong, Chile……Worth noting that the protests coincide with  global slow-downs