The Woman Trying to Oust Erdogan Picks Up Steam

Source:Haaretz Date:28Apr2018

The title notwithstanding, this article is about the sentiment surrounding Turkey’s dual elections. It may be all about economics.  Aksener, 61, rejects reconciliation with the Kurds and doesn’t like the presence of so many Syrian refugees in Turkey. Her supporters, like those of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, come from the nationalist, conservative and religious communities. But she also rejects the omnipotent presidential regime that Erdogan has entrenched with constitutional amendments barely approved in the April 2017 referendum.



Aonther article that proposes  to cover Aksener, but can’t help delve into the heated election race can be found in the link,  which pays homage to the efforts of the opposition to forge alliances to combat AKP-MHP’s advantage  in the parliamentary elections.