TRNC: All parties would benefit from peace in Cyprus

Source:Yeni Safak Date:15Jul2019

TRNC President Mustafa Akinci  advanced a proposal to resolve East Med drilling tensions. Turkish  daily Yeni Safak interviewed him on the elusive prospects for peace on the divided island:


Akinci said, the TRNC had been calling for the formation of a joint committee to discuss the issue surrounding the island’s natural resources.

“Although the Greek side accepts the fact that Turkish Cypriots have the same rights on those resources in theory, they neglect this when it comes to practice. They behave as if they are living on the island alone,” he added.

“If we cannot reach a consensus on the establishment of a committee, then there is only one way for us. Turkey, has its claims on the continental shelf. The Greek side also makes its own claims. We, as the TRNC, have rights. If you’re doing seismic research, so will we. If you’re digging, we will too,” Akinci said.