Turkey announces major natural gas discovery in Black Sea

Source:al Monitor Date:24Aug2020

My continuing quest to find the truth about the Great Natural Gas Discovery


But amid the jubilation, some sources voiced skepticism over the 2023 production goal and whether the reserve contains enough recoverable gas to meet Turkey’s energy needs.

A well-placed source who has a broad knowledge of drilling and production in Turkey told Al-Monitor that the “2023 [goal] is technically impossible,” pointing out at the lengthy process that lies ahead, which includes the drilling of new exploration wells, further tests, development drilling and production. The initial production process will take at least six to seven years, the source added.

Tuna-1 is 3,500 meters deep, extending 2,100 meters into the sea and 1,400 meters below the sea bed.

“This is a very difficult depth for the production process and there are only a number of companies that have the necessary equipment to produce gas in this depth,” the source said, adding that most of these companies are based in the United States.