Turkey-Based Schools in U.S. Continue to Attract Negative Attention

Source:Center for Immigration Studies Date:21Jan2019

The truth about  Gulen schools in US:

Meanwhile, a much larger group of educational institutions, all allied with Gulen, continue to receive heavy criticism, but continue to operate, fully-funded by the public purse. These are the Gulen charter schools, whose efforts to divert public funds into the hands of his cult have been well documented by “60 Minutes”. While some local communities have closed Gulen Charter Schools, the feds, despite many FBI investigations, have filed only a single indictment.

A minor player in the Gulen system is one of its two U.S. universities, Virginia International University, in Fairfax, Va., which, for a small institution, has made remarkably extensive use of the H-1B program. VIU has used the program to recruit administrators and publicists far more often than faculty members.

Perhaps it is just a coincidence that an anti-Gulen institution (BAU) is now getting into the somewhat similar (and largely non-reported) troubles similar to those of the Gulen institutions.