Turkey: why Erdogan gambled on a pivot to Russia

Source:Financial Times Date:14Aug2019

A comprehensive analysis of Erdogan’s decision to buy S-400s as well predcitons about the future of sanctions and Syria safe zone.


Here is the key paragraph:


The Trump administration appears to be searching for a new compromise. “There could be more sanctions to follow, but frankly what we’d really like is the S-400 not to become operational,” US secretary of state Mike Pompeo said at the end of July. Mr Erdogan has said that the technology will not be activated until April 2020, leaving some space for further negotiation.

There is, however, a bipartisan drive to table standalone legislation that would mandate the president to punish Turkey when Congress returns from recess in early September. If such a bill were to pass with a two-thirds majority, it would be impossible for Mr Trump to veto.

There are other potential pitfalls. Intensive talks last week appear to have averted, at least temporarily, a showdown between the US and Turkey over Syria, but the two sides profoundly disagree on the future of the Kurdish-controlled part of the country.